HealthGuard UVC

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HealthGuard UVC® is a unique, patented disinfection technology that shines ultraviolet light within a highly reflective aluminum chamber to kill 99.9% of potentially life-threatening microorganisms in only 30-60 seconds!


Cleaner, Safer, and
More Efficient

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HGUVC reduces the need for excessive liquid disinfectants (which can be expensive, corrosive, and toxic) with extremely effective and efficient custom UVC bulbs, powering disinfection cycles that cost fractions of a penny to run.



NC ProAm Directors pose in front of HGUVC Athletics

Newly designed and upgraded.


Now Available:
UV Flash

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Designed to fight hospital acquired infections, UV Flash is the product of an exclusive partnership in health care with esteemed manufacturer Hospital Safety Solutions, who will be producing and distributing the device worldwide.


Small Yet Effective

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HGUVC Mini, built for smaller items like headphones, cell phones, and remotes, is the latest addition to our product line, rolling the incredible sanitizing power of UVC light into the most accessible and affordable package yet!


HGUVC Athletics at
NC ProAm League

NC ProAm Directors pose in front of HGUVC Athletics

HealthGuard UVC made an appearance at the 6th Annual Greater NC ProAm Basketball League this year at Durham School of the Arts, helping to spread the word about UV disinfection via live demos of our HGUVC Athletics model in action.


The Threat

Infectious bacteria and dangerous pathogens are becoming increasingly immune to traditional methods of prevention and treatment, posing a serious threat in everyday facilities like hospitals, gyms, child care centers, and more. Innovative alternatives to outmoded disinfection techniques are more essential than ever. More…

The Remedy

HealthGuard UVC® is a cutting-edge patented disinfection technology that uses UV light to kill 99.9% of dangerous microbes in 30-60 seconds with the press of a button! HGUVC products are clean, green, incredibly effective, and cost pennies a day to operate, offering a far superior defense against evolving microbial threats. More…


We offer a wide variety of devices built for hospitals, athletic facilities, grocery stores, and more. However, HGUVC technology is by no means limited to those industries. It can be adapted to power new, completely customized devices specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of your home/business! More…

Messy and corrosive liquid disinfectants aren’t enough to combat the ongoing and evolving threat posed by modern day contagions. Opt for a cleaner, greener disinfection option with HealthGuard UVC. It’ll save you time, money, and most importantly, it can help save lives. Get Started Today!

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Patents: US #8,143,596, multiple patents (US and foreign) pending

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