UV Flash now on sale!

HealthGuard UVC introduces UV Flash, healthcare’s newest and most powerful defense to date against hospital acquired infections! UVC Flash delivers the same incredible efficiency and effectiveness you’ve come to expect from all HealthGuard UVC devices, eliminating 99.9% of potentially damaging microorganisms in 60 seconds with the press of a button! UV Flash is primarily designed to eliminate germs that linger on objects commonly associated with the spread of infection in clinical settings as they are moved from room to room. Read more >>

HealthGuard UVC official website launched!

Today marks the launch of HGUVC.com, the official website of HealthGuard UVC disinfecting technology. The HealthGuard team has been working hard for months to present our completely renovated website, designed to deliver a more intuitive experience that provides the latest news on HealthGuard UVC products and the ongoing fight against dangerous microorganisms. We hope you like what you see!

Check HGUVC.com regularly for updates on:

  • New product lines and licensing agreements
  • Recent news and media featuring HealthGuard UVC
  • Other important news related to health and technology

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