Devices and Applications

The beauty of our patented technology lies in its flexibility and incredible versatility. Because we are committed to satisfying the sanitation needs of each new customer, we are open to customizing a device that incorporates our technology in a way that works best for you! That being said, we currently offer four main units, each originally designed to meet the particular needs of four industries:  
UV Flash is an HGUVC powered device designed to combat hospital acquired infections

Health Care

UV Protect is designed to support your healthcare facility by elevating the disinfection process to help overcome human error. The UV Protect unit’s efficacy has been validated by third party independent labs to enhance current disinfection processes. We cannot eliminate the cleaning process but we can reinforce the disinfection process. The unit is designed to be used throughout any healthcare facility. HealthGuard has the capability to custom fit to your specific needs.
UV Flash helps combat the looming threat of hospital acquired infections more effectively than ever and takes a mere 60 seconds to run!
HGUVC Grocery


HGUVC Grocery was engineered to encourage environmentally conscious efforts to adopt reusable grocery bags by helping to eliminate the dangerous pathogens that can accumulate within. Each cycle takes only 30 seconds, cutting wait time in half while maintaining the same level of effectiveness!
HGUVC Athletics unit


HGUVC Athletics was designed to combat the infectious microbes that can thrive on gym equipment and athletic gear, putting the well-being of athletes (both amateur and professional) and gym patrons at risk. This model’s unique modular design makes it our largest and most extensible device, allowing you to disinfect even more equipment in 60 seconds flat!
HGUVC Mini (front view)


Though HGUVC Mini was originally built to help sanitize earphones and headsets used in environments where they would be passed along frequently (like call centers, radio stations, and restaurants), the potential applications are endless. Like HGUVC Grocery, HGUVC Mini’s disinfection cycle completes in only 30 seconds! With HGUVC Mini, harnessing the germ-killing power of UVC light has never been so convenient and affordable!

One technology fits all

Since all HGUVC devices are powered by UVC light, a technology with a universal effect that sanitizes anything it touches, they are by no means limited to the industries that they were originally catered toward. For example, if our athletics unit is a good fit for a child care facility that you are trying to freshen up, go for it! We will adjust the design in order to suit your needs. Oh, and by the way, if none of the current offerings meet the specifications you are looking for, don’t sweat it! We’ll build one that does.

Coming soon…

We currently are in the process of engineering a new device specifically built for in-home use. If you are interested in learning more about this model, let us know!

UV  Protect is designed to help your healthcare facility to elevate your disinfection process, to help overcome human error due to capacity. The UV Protect unit’s efficiency has been validated by 3rd party independent labs to enhance current disinfection processes, we can’t eliminate the cleaning process but we can reinforce the disinfection process. The unit is designed to be utilized throughout any healthcare facility, Healthguard has the capability to custom fit to your specific needs.

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