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None of the above models quite fit the design or specifications you are looking for? Don’t sweat it! HealthGuard UVC will alter and adjust current models in order to meet the specific constraints of your home/business. Moreover, if the current models are nowhere close to the specs and dimensions that you need, we are prepared to design completely new, fully customized HGUVC devices that accommodate your unique requirements.

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Common customizations

Custom device dimensions

Devices Dimensions

If you are interested in a HGUVC device but worried that it may be too small to incorporate all of the things you want to disinfect or too large to fit where you’d like to install it, we can expand or shrink any of our current models by adjusting their overall length, width, and depth. We can even modify the overall shape of the exterior in order to more closely match other devices/appliances used within your operations.

Interior mounting cages can be adjusted

Interior Mounting Cages

All HealthGuard UVC devices have interior mounting cages built to support items during disinfection cycles. They are strategically shaped and positioned in a way that maximizes capacity while simultaneously helping to expose every angle of each item, ensuring a more efficient and thorough process. If these cages are not particularly suited to the standard items that you will be sanitizing (perhaps obstructing or failing to deliver the proper support or exposure), we will work to provide you with a set of mounting cages that are a better fit.

Efficient disinfection cycle

Sanitation Cycle Timing

Though the standard time per cycle in most HealthGuard UVC powered devices is 60 seconds, this number is flexible. Cycle timing is determined by two factors: intensity of the UVC bulbs we use and the average distance between the items to be disinfected and the bulbs themselves. We will work with you in order to select a time per cycle that works best within the context of your operations while providing the same reliable kill rate and maximizing cost-effectiveness.

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