HGUVC-powered UV Flash goes international with Midbrook’s latest partnership

Midbrook UV Flash units are going worldwide!

HealthGuard UVC technology will soon be found across the globe, thanks to exclusive UV Flash manufacturer/distributor Midbrook Medical’s recent announcement of a partnership with Solve Corporation.

Solve, a trusted Japanese manufacturer/distributor of both medical equipment and consumer-level products, has been successful in the Japanese market and beyond for over 40 years.

As a company known for focusing on endoscopy, cardiovascular treatments, and neurological surgeries, Solve is well positioned to provide new and innovative ways to ensure proper disinfection of medical tools, particularly those used in invasive medical procedures that can leave patients more vulnerable to infection.

Under this partnership, UV Flash will be far more accessible, helping to prevent expensive and deadly hospital-acquired infections by thoroughly disinfecting tools used in some of the most sensitive medical procedures.

Here at HealthGuard UVC, we are absolutely thrilled to provide technology that can save lives all over the world, and are looking forward to further partnerships abroad to help fight infection worldwide!

Want to know more? Read the official press release.

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