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About Us

HealthGuard UV-C was developed by Earl Yerby. Earl had the vision to create a new standard for disinfecting remote devices used in the healthcare environment. The timing of Earl’s innovation paralleled the challenges facing healthcare providers today to minimize and eradicate Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).   Our mission is to become the leader in developing and providing UV-C solutions to the Healthcare market. Our hallmark is to protect and to promote cleaner environments to ensure patients, caregivers and their families peace of mind.

A new line of defense in the war on germs

HealthGuard UVC technology is a novel, patented application of a proven and well-established disinfection technique set to completely revolutionize sanitation practices in hospitals, clinics, gyms, the food services industry, and more! HGUVC represents an innovative, environmentally-friendly, and low-cost supplement to current sanitization options. While liquid disinfectants are only as thorough and effective as the person applying them and can be extremely wasteful and toxic, HealthGuard UVC utilizes the incredible disinfecting power of UVC (ultraviolet germicidal) light in a clean, green process that eliminates 99.9% of dangerous microbes in only 30-60 seconds with the press of a button!

Shield your operations with the power of light!

Each HGUVC bulb packs a strong germicidal punch. No germ is invulnerable to UVC light's antimicrobial effects.

Each HGUVC bulb packs a strong germicidal punch. No germ is invulnerable to UVC light’s antimicrobial effects.

HealthGuard UVC devices incorporate special Teflon-encased bulbs custom fitted to each unit that safely emanate UVC light throughout a reflective enclosure. HGUVC bulbs are highly energy-efficient and produce the same UVC germicidal light relied upon in numerous hospital operating rooms, food production centers, and water supply management facilities. UVC light is widely considered to be the gold-standard for ensuring a safe, hygienic environment and has been used in several different industries for over 70 years, and for very good reason: no germ on earth is resistant to UVC light! Up until now, access to this level of disinfecting power has been mostly limited to a select few very expensive, unwieldy industrial devices. HealthGuard UVC is set to change that forever, packaging UVC technology in the most accessible product line yet!

All HGUVC devices are safe and thoroughly tested

All devices incorporating HealthGuard UVC technology are built with redundant safety features and thoroughly tested parts/components, helping to ensure a reliable, risk-free disinfection process every time.
Teflon-encased bulbs are safe and shatter-proof.

Teflon-encased bulbs are safe and shatter-proof.

  • Every UVC bulb is Teflon-encased to contain all shattered glass and any other internal contents should a bulb accidentally break.
  • HGUVC devices are tightly sealed in order to hold the UVC light in and maximize exposure.
  • Plexiglass windows on HealthGuard devices are 100% deflective of the UVC rays within, protecting your eyes as you watch the UVC light work its magic.
  • An automatic shut off mechanism is in place in the event that the device is opened prematurely, helping to ensure that only interior items are exposed.

HealthGuard UVC is…


Scientist examining bacterial counts
  • HealthGuard’s devices have been thoroughly lab tested. A recent assessment testing several cultures of S. Aureus, A. Baumannii, and C. Difficile placed in various positions throughout our medical device demonstrated a 100% kill rate in every scenario!
  • HGUVC powered devices are capable of eliminating every microorganism exposed to the UVC light within, including superbugs! If it has DNA, HGUVC can render it harmless.


Efficient disinfection cycle
  • It only takes 30-60 seconds for a HealthGuard UVC device to kill 99.9% of all exposed germs and bacteria! Compare that to the time it would take to thoroughly spray down and wipe off everything contained within an HGUVC unit with a liquid disinfectant.
  • HGUVC is not only a massive time saver; it is also a massively cheap one. Devices only run while the actual disinfection cycle is running and the bulbs themselves require very little energy, reducing operational costs to pennies a day!


Eco-friendly technology
  • The carbon footprint of each device is kept extremely low via the incorporation of high-efficiency bulbs and 100% recyclable components.
  • We do not incorporate any sort of toxic chemicals or solutions in our products, nor do we utilize excessive packaging materials that perpetually clog our landfills.
  • HealthGuard UVC technology helps promote environmentally responsible choices by reducing the need for disposable products. For example, our Grocery unit, built to sanitize reusable grocery bags, can help eliminate the need for billions of non-biodegradable plastic bags every year!

Running HealthGuard UVC is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Load items into the device

1 – Load items into device

Load all items to be disinfected into HealthGuard UVC device. Make sure nothing is too folded or tucked away in order to guarantee maximum exposure.
Step 2 - Press the button to start the cycle

2 – Press the button

Press the button to begin the UVC light sanitization process.
Step 3 - You're done! HGUVC is ready for the next cycle

3 – You’re done! Remove items and repeat

Wait 30-60 seconds (depending on the device) and you’re good to go! Remove all items and get started on the next cycle.

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Patents: US #8,143,596, multiple patents (US and foreign) pending

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