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Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices
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HGUVC Athletics featured at 6th Annual Greater NC ProAm Basketball League

NC ProAm Directors pose in front of HGUVC Athletics

Pictured (from L to R): DSA Athletics Director John Melvin and NC ProAm President Donyell Bryant

HealthGuard UVC made an appearance at the 6th Annual Greater NC ProAm Basketball League this year at Durham School of the Arts, helping to spread the word about UV disinfection via live demos of our HGUVC Athletics model in action.

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Founded by Jerry Stackhouse (an NBA star, UNC alum, and NC native), the NC ProAm Basketball League is a free event that hosts some of the most talented high school, college, and NBA players in the nation every year. It gives younger players the opportunity to show off their skills as they battle it out in the paint alongside professional basketball players.

And what a battle it was! This year’s ProAm showcased top talents like UNC alums Reggie Bullock and John Henson, Duke alum Nolan Smith, Darius Johnson-Odom, and the Denver Nuggets’ Quincy Miller.

The HealthGuard team spent its time at the ProAm demonstrating how HGUVC Athletics can help reduce infections commonly associated with gyms and shared sports gear (such as staph and ringworm.) The crowds got a real kick out of running their purses, cell phones, and basketballs (each of which has been shown to carry more germs than a toilet seat!) through HGUVC Athletics. The response from players, coaches, and the community was truly overwhelming; we couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to show how HealthGuard can help keep athletes healthy on and off the court!

We were honored to partner with a highly respected organization like the ProAm, which does so much for the local community in Durham and beyond. It has become a revered institution that players, coaches, recruiters, and local residents can look forward to every summer, and we were happy to be a part of it.

Special thanks to:

  • Donyell Bryant, NC ProAm President
  • Larry McDonald, Athletic Director for Durham Public Schools
  • John Melvin, Athletic Director for Durham School of the Arts

Check out our favorite pics in the slideshow below, then watch 2 of the best slam dunks at this year's ProAm!

Learn more about HGUVC Athletics!

UV Flash now on sale!

HealthGuard UVC introduces UV Flash, healthcare’s newest and most powerful defense to date against hospital acquired infections! UVC Flash delivers the same incredible efficiency and effectiveness you’ve come to expect from all HealthGuard UVC devices, eliminating 99.9% of potentially damaging microorganisms in 60 seconds with the press of a button! UV Flash is primarily designed to eliminate germs that linger on objects commonly associated with the spread of infection in clinical settings as they are moved from room to room. Use UV Flash to disinfect:
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Glasses
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Keys and ID Cards
  • Pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies
  • Blood pressure cuffs
And much much more! So long as it fits in the device, it can be disinfected in a flash! The UV Flash is now on sale throughout North, Central, and South America. Want to know more?

Health and Tech Updates

Safe to Handle? Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices

HGUVC was featured in the spring edition of Horizons. The article, written by Kaumudi Kulkarni, Dzelma Kaczorowski, Alex Bonkowski, Stephen Kovach, and Ralph Basile is titled “Safe to Handle? Comparing Manually and Machine-Washed Medical Devices"

The article compares the different ways and processes of cleaning medical devices. /p>

Read the full article below:

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